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AIP Survey Site Review

AIP Online Surveys is an operation of the AIP Corporation which helps companies determine their consumer market and get valid feedback. The company has recently opened an AIP website for UK. The websites seeks individuals 16 years of age or older and asks them to participate in real market research studies.

Registering with AIP is easy. The website has a registration icon that leads you to the instructions for the registration process. Submitting a survey earns you benefits through EPoints. EPoints are earned for each survey you review. Once you pass the threshold of 500EPoints, you can redeem your earnings in the form of a gift card/voucher or in cash through PayPal.

The surveys on the website vary in length but most of them are 10-12 questions long and take 5 minutes on average to complete. This makes it easier for the panel members to summarize their opinion in a short survey instead of answering 30+ questions as some sites require.

Benefits for most surveys are 1 Epoint. Frankly speaking, this is quite low. A single point translates into 1 penny. But that isn't the main problem.

The site does have its good points from a user's view. For example, it does tell you the length of the survey beforehand (something I prefer) and also informs you of the reward you'll earn for the survey. And here is the main problem. When you see the reward for a survey, you will not attempt to answer it.

A typical survey has the following statements:

Survey Title: Survey on mobile phone

Survey No.: 4276UK

Expected Survey End Date:21 / 06 / 2010

* Please note this survey will close once there are enough completes, so don't miss out on this chance!

# of Questions: Appx. 14

Duration: Appx. 5 minutes

Rewarded EPoints: 0 - 1 for all participants.

See the last line? That means that you may even get less than 1 point for your survey, which is ridiculous. This fact couples with the slow refresh rate the pages on the site have, you will actually spend up to 15 minutes on your 5 minutes survey and end up earning a fraction of a penny.

Many users have complained about this non-stop. The website has lost a lot of users because of the disappointment. Even for an optimistic case where a user is lucky enough to get the whole 1 penny, the rate of a survey a week means that it will take you 300 weeks to get up to 3 pounds... that is 6 years! And only 3 bucks for 25hours of screen time.

Yes the websites is for real. Yes they will pay in real cash through PayPal, and yes you will get good customer service, but is it worth it? Practically no. Click here if you want to join AIP.


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