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Opinion Outpost Survey Site Review

Opinion Outpost is a website allowing you to answer opinion surveys online. People who choose to participate in Opinion Outpost are offered so-called Opinion Points that they may redeem for money. The website aspires to represent people's opinions and views by means of having them reply to several questions as part of a survey provided by search companies, and acts as a proxy between those marketing research companies who need the data, and the users who are willing to dedicate their time to answer questions and expect to be rewarded for their effort.

Opinion Outpost includes a simplified process of registration requiring only a few pieces of data on the registrant. Sign up is following by the customary e-mail verification, which ensures that no bots or automated accounts register with the system and try to trick it. Membership in the website is free of charge, and users are not solicited into buying anything or spending money. In addition, the information provided by the registrant is taken seriously and kept securely, only to be used for general assessment and to be able to offer the registrant only surveys related to them. The site provides an extensive privacy policy informing users on their rights and stating clearly how it treats the information users share with it. Once registered, a user will receive in their email offers to take part in surveys on the site in case they qualify.

Payment on Opinion Outpost is made on the basis of the number of surveys completed. For every survey filled out, one earns opinion points, which may be converted to money. Surveys pay between 10 and 100 Opinion Points. Currently, the site offers 50p for every ten opinion points, where some surveys may present the user with other reward options. In addition, through the Opinion Outpost referral programme, one may earn additional money by referring friends or family living in a different house (there is a one account per house restriction), which rewards the user with more Opinion Points in case the referred has become a full member of the site.

Alongside the limitation of one account per household, there is an age restriction on the site allowing only users older than 18 years old to register; place of residence is limited to the United States or Canada, although the site has different editions and sister-sites aimed at people from other parts of the world - if you are from the UK then there is a UK Opinion Outpost.

Most surveys require a qualification by answering a few questions to see if the reviewer is well informed enough to be able to complete the survey. Generally, if the qualification phase is passed, the surveys' level is not too difficult and requires only clear thinking on users' part.

Customer service on the site is helpful with real enquires about technical problems or monetary issues, however, attempts to take surveys for which one hasn't qualified by contacting support are usually not treated due to the site's policy of looking for fitting candidates to fill out the surveys.

So if you are looking for some east part time work then click here to get started with Opinion Outpost.




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