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My View Survey Site Review

The website My View at http://www.myview.com is a great place to make some part time money, they offer daily surveys and the pay is about average for online survey work. The website is easy to navigate, find the survey information and most surveys are easy to take.

It is a simple registration process to get started with My View. You will want to be sure to fill in all the information as accurately as possible and pay particular attention to detail with the personality profilers section because this is the real key information that helps you qualify for survey participation. Participation within the online system of the site appears to be the real key to getting the most out of My View. The site will identify you as a good candidate for surveys more often if you are a regular participant and also if you log on to the site at least daily.

How many surveys you will receive per month is dependent upon a lot of factors, but it would seem fair to guess that most users could generate 20 surveys a month or more. Again it is important to cast as wide a net as possible, so you should show interest in all possible categories to qualify yourself. Most users will find this easy, because My View does marketing research for a large variety of companies.

They offer a point system of rewards for completing survey, but you can save up enough points to trade them in for real money. The preferred method of payment is with a pre-paid Visa card which is mailed to you and PayPal if available where you live. You need to be active regularly because the points do expire if you are not. Also your pre-paid Visa expires if not used in four months time.

If you are looking for quick money, be advised that it can take up to 2 months to receive payment from My View. All users should keep in mind that they are pretty slow to respond to emails, so a little patience is a good idea, but it is anywhere.

The pros about My View are it is easy to use, they have a couple payment options, they offer an interesting variety of surveys and are very user friendly.

The cons about My View is that you are often not qualified for the surveys, it can take a long time for payments to credit to your account, the website seems to regularly have some kind of technical problems and you can lose all your earnings if your points expire.

There is nothing unusual about survey websites having any of these issues, in fact it is very normal in my experience. All around they are about average as survey websites go, but they are relatively new and likely to expand their service as time goes by. To join My View click here.






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