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Mind Mover Survey Site Review

There are tons of ways to make money online. There are PPC sites, writing, mystery shopping, and many more. And then there are the paid survey sites. One of the paid survey sites that guarantee payment to its members is Mind Mover. If you simply want your opinions to be heard, joining a survey site can be like a breeze for you. If you have a piece of your mind that you want to share to others then Mind Mover is the one for you. Here, you will have the chance to be a part of surveys on every topic under the sun. By simply expressing your opinion, you will earn cash and rewards. You can also get to know what other people's opinions are -whether or not you have the same views.

Do you want to become a member at Mind Mover? It is actually pretty easy. The good thing about this survey site is that you do not have to pay anything for the membership. Registration is free. Other paid survey sites may require a membership fee but at Mind Mover, you join at no cost and then earn after.

Upon registration, you are be eligible to the monthly Welcome Prize draw. Take note that this is open to new members and panellists only. If you prefer to upgrade to Preferred Panellist, you will receive 10 more entries. Prizes to be won every month may include iPhones, iPods, TV, DVD, and many more.

The surveys that a member receives every month depend on the qualification. Usually, it is an average of one every week. There is a steady stream of surveys that will be sent to members. Mind Mover surveys are reasonably easy to answer. For additional points or rewards, mini polls can also be completed. The points for each survey depend on the complexity of the questions and the length of time that will take a member to finish answering it. Surveys are sometimes repeated since the same surveys often come up.

Every survey has a corresponding point which is credited to your account. Surveys are worth between 50-1000 points. For every point, it is equivalent to a penny. This means that you can earn between 50p to 10 pounds. When you already have 2000 points (10 pounds) or more, you can now redeem your points in exchange for money and a cheque will be sent to you or you can have it sent to your Paypal account.

The customer service of Mind Mover is something that they take pride of. If you have any concerns, you can always count on them to settle matters at the soonest possible time.

Perhaps one thing the some members complain about Mind Mover is that the cheque takes a long time to reach the destination. There have also been complaints that payout is delayed. However, if you look at the bigger picture, Mind Mover is paying its members. So with regard to earning, you can surely earn here.  To get started with Mind Mover click here.






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