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One Poll Customer Review.

I like to give an opinion, especially, when it counts. I love elections for that reason, but they occur only once every four years. Missing that, I decided answering surveys sent by email. I first heard about One Poll from a friend of mine, who said she was earning a little bit of extra cash from One Poll. Sceptical at first, I decided to try it.

Registering at One Poll was a straightforward process. On their website clearly visible on the lower left column is the tab "JOIN OUR PANEL". Once there you press the link. This takes you to a page where you answer 3 questions, which are very simple to answer (Name, Surname and email). Start by writing your name and email address on the enclosed spaces. Within minutes you will receive a response by email with a link to first activate the account. After you are activated, you engage in a quick demographic survey about your age group, sex, country etc. After you're done you receive a signing up bonus of 2 pounds 50p!
Polls, or surveys, are usually delivered two times a week to an i-Phone application you download for free. And you get paid for it! Alternatively, the survey can be sent to your email account. The questionnaire is usually ten to twenty questions long. They are asked in an easy to read and answer format good for us old timers. The surveys are usually completed in less than twenty minutes.

There are thousands of responders registered in the company's database which they refer to as panellists. According to their site there are over 500,000 members. They organize their responders into panels. These panels are subdivided into special panels similar to focus groups. There are special panels for music, children, mothers, over 50, car owners and others. Their questionnaire sample is of an adequate number of responders. Those answering will get paid between 10p to 5 pounds per survey. Once the amount is reaches 40 pounds, payment is made to your PayPal or a registered bank account.

Although I have never used it their consumer service department at One Poll, it seems easily reachable if you have any problems with their surveys or payment.  It is well advertised, with options on calling Harriet or Nicky, or an option for an email query at their website.

Other things I like about One Poll is that their website is organised well and it is an easy to follow site.  Also on their website is an explanation of their methodology and samples of their work. Unlike most survey sites, One Poll makes available their results for those who want to peruse them. This gives me the opportunity of seeing the results of the polls I have answered. The questions follow a logical, systematic approach.
As of now, I cannot honestly say I dislike any of the features, format or concepts presented at this site. The only downside to the site is that it takes a bit of time to reach the payment threshold.

I look forward to continue to enjoy answering their surveys . Being paid for it, is the icing on the cake! To get started with One Poll click here.






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