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Crowdology Survey Site Review

Crowdology is a British- based online research community where users can make money by filling out surveys.

To get started with Crowdology, the user answers a few simple questions about himself, his interests, and so on. There are no costs for joining, and only those over the age of fifteen are eligible for membership. Users who have completed the registration form are automatically entered into a prize draw. They are also emailed an activation code, which they then enter at Crowdology's website. The people at Crowdology are careful about making sure no one tries to create multiple accounts with them. When registering, it is a good idea to give as much profile information as possible, so Crowdology can easily choose which surveys to send to you.

The surveys are quick (usually lasting from two to fifteen minutes) and easy to complete, and most of them apply to the populace in general. There are a few, however, that are directed at people of a particular profession or interest group, or who live in a particular area of the country. They cover such diverse topics as the environment, finances, politics, and so on. Some surveys have dealt with cooking, things you absolutely need for the holidays, environmentally sound use of plastic bags, and celebrities who wear glasses! The types of surveys a particular member will be sent is determined by the information he gives on his profile. Members' payments are made via PayPal, and are subject to taxation. Rewards can be as low as 50p or as high as 10 pounds, and there is also a monthly member bonus draw worth 25 pounds. There is no complex system of points involved, and one can claim his earnings for transfer to his PayPal account as soon as the balance exceeds 4 pounds.

Crowdology also holds competitions where members refer their friends to the company and try to get them to join and participate in surveys. If any of those friends then becomes a member by a certain date, the one who made the reference then becomes eligible for a prize for which the winner is chosen at random. In January 2011, for instance, the reward was a 10 pounds Amazon voucher. An Early Screen Out Prize Draw is available for those who were screened out of a survey during the previous month.

Crowdology does not share member information with third parties.

One last thing worth mentioning on Crowdology's website is "Fifi's blog." Fifi is portrayed as a young lady "fresh, inquisitive, and perhaps a little naive at times," who has braids and wears a purple dress and glasses.

Joining this site is a good idea for you if you wish to make a little extra money. If you find you are no longer interested, you can always cancel your membership. Click here to join Crowdology.






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