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Here we have compiled a list of some other excellent survey site panels that we could not fit into page 1 of our top online survey sites. There are lots of good cash paying survey panels here, so make sure you don't leave any of them out. Sign up to as many survey panels as you can, and you should start to receive a steady flow of surveys arriving by email each day. Once you are in this position you can choose the best paying surveys abailable.
My Voice Survey Site Review 
My Voice is an excellent cash paying survey site. Most surveys are worth 50 to 100 points per survey, and take around 10 minutes to complete. There are also lots of 1 question polls worth 10 points each. You can exchange your points for gift vouchers at popular high street retailers (2000 points = 20 pounds) The survey frequency is very good, and My Voice is a fun survey site.  If you join now you get 250 points for doing so. Click here to read more about My Voice Surveys.
Crowdology Survey Site Review
Crowdology is another good paying cash survey site. You can expect to earn, on average, 50p to 3 pounds per survey. Surveys take on average no more than 15 minutes to finish. Although longer surveys can be worth up to 10 pounds per survey. Another thing we like about Crowdology is the very low payment threshold, and your earnings can be withdrawn by Paypal. Click here to read more about Crowdology.
Choozz Survey Panel Review
Choozz survey panel is a fun survey site. After you complete a survey you get to play their instant win game where you can win cash, and other great prizes. For surveys that take longer to complete you will be offered a cash payment at the start of the survey (100 points = 1 pound). There are also plenty of survey invitations arriving into your inbox each month. Click here to read more about the Choozz panel.
Survey Spot Survey Site Review
Survey spot is another excellent free cash paid survey sites, they offer cash rewards for surveys, and you get to play their instant reward game after each completed survey. Click here ro read more about Survey Spot. Click here to read more about Survey Spot.
Swagbucks is a great money making website as you can make money from several sources.  You can earn Swagbucks for answering daily polls and taking surveys from their survey dashboard. With so many different ways to earn Swagbucks you should be able to cash out 2 or 3 times a month. Currently 700 swagbucks can be exchanged for a $5 Paypal payment. (NOP Market Research) Survey Site Review will is another very good survey site panel. Registration to this survey site will only take around 2 minutes to complete and there are no age restrictions. Although you dont seem to receive as many surveys per month as some of the other survey sites, surveys are always short and fun, and the rewards are very good.Click here to read more about
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Nielsen Net Ratings (Digital Voice Panel)
Nielsen is another large market research company with a worldwide presence. The survey frequency is good and as a reward you get to play their instant win game. You are also required to install some software which monitors your internet usage, and you will be rewarded with entries into their cash prize draws. The software is completely safe but it my intefere with your virus software. Click here to read more about Nielsen.
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Zoom Panel
Zoom Panel is another well established survey site. Expect to receive between 1 and 4 surveys per month. Surveys are paid in points, and the points can be exchanged for goods in their gift shop. Click here to read more about the Zoom Panel.
AIP Survey Site Review
AIP is a recently launched UK survey site. For each completed survey you are rewarded with Epoints. Your Epoints may be redeemed when you have reached 500 Epoints (which is equivalent to 5 pounds). Surveys tend to be very short and the survey frequency is about one survey per week.
Click here to read more about taking surveys with AIP. 
Knots Survey Site Review
Knots is another cash paying online survey site. They are a  major European market research site. Their surveys are easy to complete, and only take around 15 minutes to do so. You are rewarded around 300 points for each survey, and you may cash out at 1600 Knot points, which is equivalent to 10 pounds. Expect to receive around 3 or 4 surveys per month. You also receive 50 Knot points just by becoming a member.  Click here to read more about Knots Club.
Your Say Pays.
Quick surveys with cash rewards. Click here to read more about Your Say Pays.
Song People.
Rate the latest songs and get paid in cash. Click here to read more about Song People.
In Your Opinion. 
A good cash paying survey site. Click here to read more about In Your Opinion.
Opinium Research Limited. 
Quick surveys worth 25p and 50p each. Click here to read more about Opinium.
Opinion Bar. 
Another cash paying surveys site from the US. Click here to read more about Opinion Bar.
Spider Metrix. 
A fun survey site with cash rewards. Click here to read more about SpiderMetrix.
Trend Scan 
A German survey site, but not many surveys available.Click here to read more about TrendScan
Opinion Now
Quick surveys with very good payment. Click here to read more about Opinion Now.
A fun survey site with many surveys on offer. Click here to read more about Hotspex.
Clearvoice Surveys 
Another top paying survey site. Click here to read more about Clear Voice Surveys.
Rewarded Opinions
Another cash paying survey site with regular surveys sent to your email account. Click here to read more about Rewarded Opinions.
Opinion Surveys
Opinion surveys, part of Greenfield Online,  has recently launched its UK site and is recruiting new UK panel members. For each completed survey you will be entered in their quarterly prize draw of 25,000 pounds, and you will be able to complete a survey every 24 hours.
Give Us Your 2 Cents
If you like to receive a survey every day then Give Us Your 2 Cents is a survey site not to be missed. Anyone over the age of 13 can join the panel and take a survey. 
Survey Dowline

There are lots of surveys available with this site (daily surveys), but most money can be made by getting your friends to sign up, as you will be paid every time one of your friends completes a survey. The signing-up process can be a bit tricky as they want you to take up some of their free offers, however, you can click past these offers if you don't want them. Click here to read more about survey downline.

Great Sites (formely know as the Great UK Survey)
The Great UK Survey has one of the largest cash prizes, with a top prize of 5 Grand to be won every 3 months. All you need to do to enter is complete a 50 question survey which can be completed in 5 to10 minutes. Worth a punt, as you have nothing to lose. Click here to read more.
Opinion World Survey Site Review
Opinion World is another top cash survey site, as the survey frequency is one of the best. You can expect to receive loads of surveys each month. Opinion World has just introduced a new points system (1p = 1 point) and you can redeem your points when you have reached 10 pounds (payment by Paypal). Some surveys don't offer any points, but in this case you get to donate to charity and get to play their instant reward game. Click here to read more about Opinion World.
Panel Opinion

Another cash paying survey site with surveys ranging from 25p up to 3 pounds. Payment can be collected when you reach 10 pounds. Minimum joining age is 14 years old.

Ipsos Mori Survey Site Review
Ipsos Access Panels is one of the leading European provider of market research surveys. Once you have reached the 750 point payment threshold, you can exchange the points for a five pound shopping voucher. Surveys take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete and are worth around 150 points per survey. Click here to read more about Ipsos MORI.
Synovate - Global Opinion Panels Survey Site Review
Synovate is one of the worlds largest survey sites, who offer cash paid surveys. Surveys take around 15 minutes to complete, and you can expect to receive several surveys per month. Registration will only take 2 minutes, and you will be rewarded with 100 survey points just for signing up. Click here to read more about Synovate.
Mindmover Panel
Mindmover survey site panel is another good survey site. You will earn points for completing surveys and you may cash out at 2000 points by Paypal or cheque (equivalent to 20 pounds). Most surveys are worth around 100 points, and you can expect around 1 survey per week. To read more about Mind Mover click here.
One Poll
One poll is different from the rest of the survey sites, as you complete surveys directly on their website instead of waiting for surveys to come to your email box. Surveys take less than 5 minutes to fill in, and you can get paid from 5p to one pound for each survey. The going rate seems to be 10p per survey for most of them. Surveys are added to the site each day, and the payout threshold is forty pounds. Most of the surveys are easy and fun to complete. Click here to read more about One Poll.
My View
My View is another excellent survey site. Although its based in the US, they are interestered in UK opinions, and have their own UK website. You will receive several cash surveys per month, and payment can be made into your Paypal account. Most surveys are enjoyable surveys, and are worth on average $3 dollars per survey. Click here to read more about the My View panel.
Maximiles Survey Site Review

Maximiles, the UK's most generous loyalty program, is a unique website where you can be rewarded for all the things you normally do online. You can collect points when you shop, complete surveys, watch videos and even open your emails and then spend them on hundreds of great rewards.


Survey Head Survey Site Review
Survey head is an American survey site looking for UK panel members. They will give you 3.50 pounds  just for signing up, and you will be sent around 1 survey per week. The average survey reward is around a pound per survey. You will have to check regularly into your account for surveys as invitations will not be sent to your email account. Payment is also made by Paypal once you have reached the low payment threshold, making this one of the best survey sites around.
Populus Survey Site Review
Populus Live is a new survey site and hs a similar feel to New Vista Live. Populus Live offers one of the best pay rates around - they will pay you 1 pound for every 5 minutes of work. Expect to receive a few surveys per month and payment will be made by cheque once reaching the 50 pounds payment threshold. This sound high, but you should reach this threshold quite quickly if you complete all of their surveys. 
New Vista - Its Your View
New Vista is another very good survey website. You can currently take surveys to win 50 pound gift vouchers. If you prove to be a good/suitable survey panellist (then you will be given a chance to join their main survey panel where you are rewarded cash payments for surveys (1 pound for every 5 minutes work!).
Gratis Points
Gratis Points is another cash paying survey website open to UK residents. The average survey length is between 15 and 20 minutes, but you can also expect shorter and longer surveys. You can find available surveys by clicking on 'the Qualify for a new survey button' on your survey dashboard. Once you have accumulated enough points you can exchange your points for gift vouchers.

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